U.N. authorizes ship inspections near Somalia for arms, charcoal

(Reuters) – The United Nations Security Council authorized the inspection of boats suspected of carrying illegal shipments of charcoal or weapons to and from Somalia

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Somalia: African Union Appoints Team to Investigate Amisom Rape Allegations

he African Union (AU) has authorised an investigation team to probe allegations that African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) soldiers raped women and girls as

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NBC cameraman recovers from Ebola, US hospital says
- Oct 22, 2014
A US photojournalist who was infected with Ebola in Liberia is now free of the deadly virus and will go home on Wednesday, the Nebraska hospital treating him said. "Recovering from ...
Kenya picks foreign lawyers in Somalia oil border dispute
- Sep 18, 2014
Kenya's Attorney-General Githu Muigai has assembled a team of international maritime lawyers to defend Kenya in a long-running border dispute with Somalia as Kenya prepares for a meeting with the ...
From Minnesota to militancy. He wanted to join the ONLF
- Sep 9, 2014
Jihad recruits abandon their lives in the US and take up arms for radicals New York Times News Service Published: 13:54 September 8, 2014 Image Credit: AP This file image posted on a militant ...
Bashir Makhtal’s cousin asks Ottawa to push for release from Ethiopia jail
- Sep 9, 2014
CBC – Tue, 2 Sep, 2014 A Canadian man imprisoned in Ethiopia is getting support from his cousin, now living in Cape Breton. Said Maktal moved to Sydney this summer to attend Cape Breton ...
Peacekeepers in Somalia use aid to rape women and buy sex for $5 – HRW
- Sep 8, 2014
  Monday, September 08, 2014 African Union (AU) peacekeepers in Somalia rape women seeking medicine on their bases and routinely pay teenage girls for sex, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said on Monday. HRW ...
Somalia: Who is the New Leader of Shabaab?
- Sep 7, 2014
Somalia: Who is the New Leader of Shabaab? -Somalia's Islamic extremist rebel , Al-Shabaab named a new leader which his real name is Mahad Omar Abdi-Kareem but he uses many ...
Turkish Assessing Jubbaland rebuilding efforts in Kismayo
- Sep 4, 2014
Kismayo (HAN) September 3, 2014 – Regional reconstruction and development news. Turkish delegation led by the VP of Jubbaland State of Somalia Abdulkadir Lugadheere are Assessing Kismayo’s seaport planning & ...
Somalia: Former Kismayo opposition leader surrenders to AMISOM
- Aug 31, 2014
Somalia: Former Kismayo opposition leader surrenders to AMISOM AUGUST 31, 2014 PRESS RELEASE - AMISOM Persistent joint effort by the Interim Jubba Administration, AMISOM, IGAD and the International community to resolve the protracted ...

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