Presidential Election of The General Somali Students Union in Sudan was Held in Khartoum Today

Khartoum – JLN: Thousands of enthusiastic Somali University students living in Sudan and from different regions of Somalia, went to the polling station today so as to cast their ballots  in the highly contested presidential election of the General Somali Students Union in Sudan.

The competitive students presidential race which kicked off on Friday morning in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, was held in Ribad National Conference Hall in Khartoum where there was heavy presence of Sudanese police observing the voting process.

Mass of lively entourages of Somali male and female student voters participated in the long-awaited election of  the Executive and Law-making Offices of the General Somali Students Union in Sudan, which is among the most influential foreign students unions in this country.

  The election took place peacefully and no official reports of irregularity up to now though, it was not free and fair election as eye witness told Jubbalandnews media outlet. Another eye witness that we talked to said, “I witnessed some acts of electoral fraud but it was good start of democratic election.”

The result of the election will be announced within the coming 48 hours by the Electoral Commission.




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