Sharmarke Abdiaziz Wins the Presidential Election of the General Somali Students Union in Sudan.






Khartoum – JLN: Sharmarke Abdiaziz was officially declared the winner of the General Somali Students Union presidential election which was held in Khartoum on Friday morning as we reported in our yesterday news coverage about the election that many aspirants participated in.

The electoral Commission officially released the result of the election on Saturday morning, today, and confirmed that Mr. Abdiaziz who studies International University of Africa and from the semi-autonomous Puntland State of Somalia garnered the highest votes and for that he is the incumbent chairman of the union as the constitution of the union stipulates.

We communicated with Mr. Abdiaziz immediately after he was declared “winner” and asked him about his feeling and he said, “I am very happy that I won the election after the launch of the long and hectic campaign for the chairman of the General Somali Students Union in Sudan, but I am also having mixed feelings and thinking of how I will shoulder the heavy responsibility and face the challenges ahead of me. I thank all the friends that voted for me. With your support, I will do nothing. I promise to work for the common interest of the Somali students in Sudan without racial and regional discrimination.”

The leadership of the General Somali Students in Sudan is always controversial and whoever is elected for the office is accused of embezzlement and corruption, therefore, time will charge the leadership talent of Mr. Abdiaziz who is politically callow and not a well-known figure in the activities of the students as one student who voted against him states. He will soon be sworn in for the chairman of the General Somali Students Union in this country.



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