The Great Somali Poet, Mohamed Hashi Dama (Gaarriye), Passes away in Norway

Norway – JLN: The prominent Somali poet, Mohamed Hashi Dama (Gaarriye) passed away last night at a hospital in Norway where he was currently under intensive medication for the last weeks of his life as we were told by some cults and close friends of the late influential Somali poet and academician.

The Somali National University-educated scientist, Mohamed Hashi Dama, popularly known as “Gaarriye,” was not only a poet but he was also an active literary critic and noted linguist who played recommendable role in the development of Somali prose and poetry since the official standardisation of Somali language in 1972 and he is remembered for his famous statement of differentiating Somali prose and poetry scientifically as he said, “If I say, ‘Safiya Xaajiyeey soo soco waan ku sugayaaye‘ is prose; but if I say, ‘Soo soco Safiya Xaajiyeey waan ku sugayaaye is poetry.”

The late legendary poet lived in Hargeisa since the fall of the Somali national central government in 1991 where he was teaching some of the local universities in the semi-autonomous region of Somaliland. He was also a leading figure in all the national and international literary and artistic events.

Somali people are mourning for the loss of the late prolific poet; while we the jubbalandnews media staff are extending our condolence to the family and friends of the poet and asking for the Almighty God to rest his life in paradise.


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